About Haathi

Hi, I'm Laurie. Haathi is my company, operating since 2002. Haathi is inspired by the elephant for its steadfast long journey to abundance. After hiding away at my computer teaching myself to code, I hope to show you some of my projects and tell you more.

A functional web application grows with its community of users. Often the biggest part of becoming part of the online community is getting started. Once there, the discovery process provides new insights for content and functional value. While learning along the way, beginning with the fundamentals, interesting ideas will inspire new challenges along the way.

Here's to exploring a world of abundance and prosperity.
Welcome to Haathi.

Goal Setting

By focusing on who what and why, a vision helps us share the save line of sight. There are often many ways to get there. We begin learning and have something to build.


Using Ruby on Rails, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, and more, we a website up and running quickly and begin focusing on content creation and usability. We focus on content.


After we build something, we all learn, review, imagine and focus. A good application grows with it's community of users. with ongoing insights, we iterate back to goals.


All but one is built with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and Bootstrap SASS on a DigitalOcean droplet

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